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branitube.net #1111

Issue Opened
Ghost Opened Issue On Mar 29th 2020, 1:18


Test Link: https://www.branitube.net/watch/27234/one-piece

Screenshot: https://kafuka.moe/jzfJPUTc9OaP.png

Console screenshot: https://kafuka.moe/DuJ0BipKlqyb.png

Environment (Required):

  • Operating System and Version: Windows 10
  • Browser and Version: Opera GX (tried all others browsers)
  • Adblocker and Version: Nano Adblocker

Filter List: https://kafuka.moe/ZxN6VsaugLbR.png

Other extensions: Retruco Eliminate Anti Adblock Tampermonkey (Adsbypass) MAL-Sync Animouto

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An anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker and uBlock Origin
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GNU General Public License v3.0
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