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How to use Angular i18n json syntax translation file in react native. #274

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Akunal1 Opened Issue On Nov 29th 2020, 2:02



in our angular website we are using i18n . Now we are creating react native app for the same website and instead of using different translation file we are planning to use same .

issue: Angular i18n syntax for plural and selection is totally different than react native i18n. is there any way to use angular i18n syntax in react native app.

Please find bellow json format and kindly help if we have any solution or work-around for react native.

// en_en.json

"has-expired": "<ph name=\"INTERPOLATION\"><ex>{{alert.uniqueId}}</ex>{{alert.uniqueId}}</ph> has expired.",
"sent-msg": "Message was sent to the phone: <ph name=\"INTERPOLATION\"><ex>{{mb1}}</ex>{{mb1}}</ph> *** *** <ph name=\"INTERPOLATION_1\"><ex>{{mb2}}</ex>{{mb2}}</ph>",

 "your-profile": "{VAR_SELECT, select, en_GB {Your Profile} de_DE {Ihr Profil} fr_FR {Votre profil} }",
"select-country-language": "{VAR_SELECT, select, en_GB {Please select country and language} de_DE {Bitte wählen Sie Land und Sprache aus} fr_FR {Veuillez sélectionner votre pays et votre langue} }",

"search-results-count": "<ph name=\"INTERPOLATION\"><ex>{{searchCount}}</ex>{{searchCount}}</ph> <ph name=\"ICU\"><ex>{searchCount, plural, =1 {...} other {...}}</ex>{searchCount, plural, =1 {...} other {...}}</ph>",
  "search-results": " <ph name=\"INTERPOLATION\"><ex>{{searchResults}}</ex>{{searchResults}}</ph> <ph name=\"ICU\"><ex>{searchResults, plural, =1 {...} other {...}}</ex>{searchResults, plural, =1 {...} other {...}}</ph>",
Akunal1 commented on 1 year ago


I found out that above extracted syntax are done Angular i18n. can not be used in react native.

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