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25 Aug 2022



Started On 25 Aug 2022 at 12:30:08
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Long-Term Possibility of Flatpak Compatibility?

Feature description

There's been some discussion in other issues regarding users trying to use Flatpak versions of professional DAWs with Yabridge -- specifically #114 and #111 where it's been clarified that it's not technically possible to use flatpak w/ yabridge due to sandboxing at the moment. This has been mentioned in bitwig/bitwig-studio-flatpak#24 as well, which might be worth following up or discussing. Maybe if bitwig and yabridge could establish some communication here, it would be helpful!

My understanding of flatpak is pretty limited, but I was wondering if there could be some way to support flatpak distributions of DAWs while also supporting yabridged vst instruments.


While most DAWs provide some kind of .deb installer, there are certain systems (Fedora, Arch) where installing the flatpak version could lead to better stability (due to correct library usage within the DAW) while providing an easier installation process where software versions can be specified and maintained easily via Flathub. Because of this, it would be nice to eventually have Yabridge be compatible with flatpak daws.

Flatpak Extensions

My limited research on Flatpak resulted in finding out about Flatpak Extensions, which I think would allow Yabridge to provide a "add-on" environment onto standard Bitwig installations via flatpak. My understanding would be that it would look something like this:

flatpak install org.bitwig.Bitwig.Yabridge 

Where the last domain represents the desired extension on top of the org.bitwig.Bitwig environment. This would provide the necessary environment for Yabridge (my understanding is basically LibBoost + Wine-Staging, but there's perhaps more necessary) which would then be optionally included within the sandboxed Bitwig instance. This extension would need to be uploaded and maintained within the flathub repository.

There might be more I'm missing here, as my understanding of this topic is pretty limited. If anyone happens to know more about Flatpak, it would be nice for some input here. Additionally, I'm not sure if a flatpak exension needs to be made by Bitwig, for instance, to get this working as expected or if the extension can be maintained separately by yabridge contributors.

Anyway, I'm mostly interested in this as a user who would like to use flatpak for most of my user-side installations for stability reasons. If anyone here has any insight on the issue, it would be nice to hear it.

Forked On 25 Aug 2022 at 12:29:46


Just hoping into this thread, I really would love to have a world where I can have a container with bitwig and vst support. Currently spending a considerable amount of time debugging why my wine stopped working

Commented On 25 Aug 2022 at 12:29:46