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05 Oct 2022

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Shopify Customer Orders Page

Describe the feature you'd like to request

A page accessible only to logged in customers that displays all current and previous orders

Describe the solution you'd like

A new useOrders hook existing in packages/commerce and packages/shopify that queries all orders for the current logged in customer. Some of the graphQL data would include:

  • date
  • fulfillment status
  • line items
  • addresses
  • payment method
  • subtotal
  • taxes
  • order total
  • link to track the order
  • etc.

Describe alternatives you've considered

I've tried to add on to the current getCustomerQuery in packages/shopify/src/customer/use-customer.tsx but it only returns the order id and name. Anything else I add inside the node breaks the query and returns a field not found error. I think this might be because it's setup to query the Storefront API and not the Admin API.

I've also tried to duplicate the useCustomer hook to use as a starting point, but haven’t had any luck yet unraveling the code.

Any help I can get to solve this or with finding the right direction would be greatly appreciated. If I can't figure this out, I think I'll have to switch to liquid and abort this headless solution.

Forked On 05 Oct 2022 at 07:38:48


@osseonews Did you by chance use this with Shopify Plus?

I loved the entire experience and everything I learned from making a fully functioning commerce site with Shopify using this template. It's truly on it's way to greatness.

The only thing that I feel Shopify fell short on is linking the checkout to the user. How did you work around the requirement for the multipass authentication call to link the shopify checkout to the customer?

Commented On 05 Oct 2022 at 07:38:48


KLOR is 36-42 keys column-staggered split keyboard. It supports a per key RGB matrix, encoders, OLED displays, haptic feedback, audio, a Pixart Paw3204 trackball and four different layouts, through brake off parts.

Forked On 10 Sep 2022 at 10:59:26